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Tax Investigation Service

Tax Investigation Service

If you submit tax returns to HMRC, you could be contacted at any time in relation to a tax investigation. Submit one tax return that looks out of the ordinary – even if it’s perfectly legitimate – and HMRC can launch an inquiry, no matter how small or large your business is. This can be a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process. That’s where our tax investigation service comes in.

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    Why Is a Tax Investigation Service Needed?

    Dealing with a tax investigation on your own is not a pleasant experience, particularly if you’re not familiar with the process. Our tax investigation accountants are here to help. We’ll efficiently resolve the matter in the background while you focus on what really matters: running your business.

    Even if your accounts are entirely above board and by the book, HMRC can still home in on your business in a variety of ways – and one question about your finances can lead to many more. Tax investigations can be a real headache, but we can remove this burden from your shoulders and help you anticipate issues that could cause another investigation in future.

    With many years’ experience handling tax investigations for small to medium-sized businesses in an array of sectors, our small business accountants have the know-how to deal with them promptly and efficiently.

    How Could Tax Investigation Specialists Benefit You?

    Provided you complete a UK tax return, you could be subjected to a tax investigation at any time. If you run a small business and already find yourself snowed under with responsibility, this can be a hassle you don’t need.

    Subscribing to our tax investigation service will provide you protection in the event that you’re investigated. Instead of facing unexpected costs and having to deal with the hassle of an investigation, our fees will be covered by your subscription and the matter will be dealt with efficiently at no extra cost.

    For total peace of mind, book a free initial consultation with us to get started.

    Our expert team is standing by to bring you the best possible plan to get your business where it deserves.

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    Where We Offer Accounting Services

    Based in Ely we proudly serve the surrounding Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, East Midlands and London areas.

    If you’re searching for corporate tax compliance, planning or accounting Ely, contact us today.

    Our Client Testimonials

    “We are a small family company and find Helen’s help invaluable. She keeps us up to date with new regulations, and any problems with our accounts system she is happy to either talk it through with us, or will happily pop over to sort it if necessary. I would not be exaggerating when I say we would be extremely sorry to lose her, which I hope is something we never have to do. We trust Helen completely, and have complete faith in her and her company.”

    Thomas B Bonnett - Stoke FerryThomas B Bonnett - Stoke Ferry

    “We have worked with Helen for almost 20 years and delighted to recommend her. Helen’s tax knowledge is extensive and our questions are always tackled in a calm, accurate and reassuring manner.”

    Ludovic & Audrey - Potts RestorationsLudovic & Audrey - Potts Restorations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In short, yes. HMRC increasingly relies on automated systems to pinpoint businesses to investigate, which has led to an increase in tax investigations. You could be investigated even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

    The majority of cases our tax investigation specialists handle take between three and six months to resolve, although some larger cases can take longer than a year to finalise.

    Most often, HMRC will only look at your most recent tax return. If there are larger errors present on that, though, they may want to look at previous years’ returns. If the investigation arose due to an accounting error, HMRC will likely only look as far back as six years. However, if they believe it to be intentional, they can look as far back as 20 years.

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